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Clouds are moving too fast
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This is not a bug just an observation. The speed clouds are moving is way too fast. If they move this fast in real life we have a huricane outdoors and they move even faster when there is bad weather/rain ingame.


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  1. Look up
  2. Find a cloud

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For me they moves just like real clouds what I see right now in my window. And this with subtle wind what in real forest will produce exact sound as we hear in game.

Tbh, clouds actually move very fast in the upper atmospheres anyway, not sure this is really a bug; downvoted.

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They are moving way too fast indeed, not a huge bug.

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i believe the clouds are moving too fast

I have had multiple instances in real life where clouds seemed to move at incredible speeds, game doesn't seem to deviate much from this and is not a serious enough issue (to me) to spend any time on. Fix real bugs please and implement game-changing features like anti-ghosting, anti-combat logging, tents, expanded medical system (like epinephrine actually working) etc.