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legal wallhack
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If u go near the wall of a building and u press Q or E on 3rd person view u can see who's inside of the building... Yestarday we were sitting in polic station and 5 guys behind it started to talk to us, and telling us how we're looking :P So I used this trick near the wall and saw 5 guys doing same thing ^^

Pls players that read it now... don't use it ;x (Screen attached) {F29030}


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This has been a persistent problem with the Arma engine sadly

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I hope that the only fix for it won't be FPP servers... but even on 1st person u can do it =='

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First Person servers for ppl who dont like third person.
but its nothing new...
deal with it

Possible fix by making the camera not move with the characters lean?

"but it's nothing with it"

I never understood this attitude. Why should players want or need to "deal with" an obvious problem with the game?

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Camera clipping is obviously a bug, and since they are actively trying to make third person more "fair" it's a relevant bug as well. "nothing new... deal with it" is probably one of the saddest thing to post on a bug-tracker lol.

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Whole arma is one big bug sadly. Lets hope we can get them all out now when there is a big crew working on dayz.

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"GhostSniper189 (reporter)
2013-12-23 16:08

Possible fix by making the camera not move with the characters lean?"
that would make the whole leaning pointless, its so u can see whats by a corner.
just make it imposible to lean if a wall is present or make the walls thicker

"make the walls thicker"

Make the walls thicker.... lol

Maybe not making the walls thicker, but by tweaking the collusion between the viewpoint and the wall?

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Thanks for the report

A more recent duplicate has become more popular, so I am closing this issue.

Please refer to #0004002: Legal wallhack [3rd person + lean Q/E]