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Automatic Reload of M4A1 when entering a server
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If you have a M4A1 and you enter a server it automatically reloads and plays the sound for all players to hear in the vicinity.


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Equip an M4 with a clip of ammo. Exit the server then rejoin. It will reload automatically.

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I would say this is an accepted bug, I hate when server hoppers join in the same building I am looting.

I think when you join server this should be followed by some sound. Gun reloaded, some loud footsteps, may be a loud yawn (like you just woke up). And, for example, ten seconds of complete freeze, so you can't do anything except look around. Just 10 seconds, I think this will be enough.


I agree with the sound upon logging in but not the player freeze, this is not an FPS like BF so if you log in and there are potentially hostile players nearby and see you because you logged off somewhere in view, the rage outs by players caused by the freeze function would not be worth it.

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Well if they prevent server hoppers (which I suspect they eventually will) this will not be a problem. Look how Breaking Point Mod has introduced a 10 minute timeout before you can join a new server. This has dramatically reduced server hoppers.

Ok, maybe such freeze is a bad idea.

But my opinion is:
Logout and Login is lake go to sleep and wake up. In real world you need to secure place where you want to sleep. In real situation you will never go to sleep in center of Chernogorsk's store, right?

So, maybe make login process looks like wake up? You start to see surroundings, and you are prone on the ground and then animation for standing up begins, we hear noise of this and also noise from gun what is prepared for firing.

Instant login without any sound or a litlle bit of freeze is really bad idea.

A neat fix to prevent people from logging in loot areas would be to implement a feature where you could not log out in a certain radius of loot areas. Would make it more enjoyable for the whole community.