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Enable HUD to display numerical values about character status for alpha debuging
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Enable for the alpha stand alone the HUD to display numerical values relating character status. I know you removed for immersion but when diagnosing bugs relating to character status we have no way of determining how much things affects the character to determine if there is a bug. You currently have the character status being determined by visual effects. I have had instances where visual glitches prevented me from knowing my status. I had no way of really determining my characters status because the visual effects were glitched.


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Not likely to happen. Too easy to exploit and would compound problems with reporting issues more than it would help.

But, it would be fun to have access to some of the inner workings....

I'm not saying to enable the console which yes can be exploited. Just put something on the HUD to display numerical values for the characters status. Until the game is out of the alpha stage.

ok. Have thought about that myself, but I'd hazard a guess that Rocket wants to keep a lot of that stuff hidden away. It would be nice to know food/hunger/blood levels and how they are effected in-game by different things. But those are probably the same things they want to NOT be 'gamed'.