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Replay Value!
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Me and a friend of mine were talking about your beatuiful idea of a game, which, needless to say, has been huge success; HOWEVER, we both feel that the replay value of this game is lacking. I dont wan't to turn into the asshole who's only purpose is to shoot or torture people, but that seem's to be what the objective boils down to.
We were thinking...
If Day Z had a worldwide objective that was updated biweekly, players would feel the need log back in and go after said objective (assuming there is loot or something of value) and thus the replay value would increase.


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You guys are going to do great things.
Thanks for listening!

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Game is in ALPHA. Not a bug, content is coming!

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I think my 1000+ hours are a testament to 'replay value'

Please close this, it is not a bug report, and the game is in alpha - like -pk- said, content is on its way. The point of the alpha is to test the bare bones of the game, to make sure what ever else gets added to the game, is based on a solid foundation.

Cheers for getting involved in the feedback forums :). Make sure you head over to and find the ones that have affected you, and upvote them so the devs know what is important.

Sa-Matra's Wasteland mission had several elements that made up for great gameplay with very nice pacing, which worked well despite the 8 hour server restarts that reset it all to a blank slate again.

• there was a team based conflict with a pressing notion of danger
• tense faction to faction combat that tend to linger on in an area
• conflict locations (open landscape with no artificial bottlenecks)
• challenges with logistics (building a base, finding parts, staying alive)
• modes of transport (by helicopter, airplane, ground vehicle)
• player tasks (survival by tactics, group support and self preservation)
• base building (lacked potential with its non persistant existence though)

I have nothing nice to say about the bizarre in game requirement for eating and drinking food and water though.

If I had to sum up the great thing about Sa-Matra's Wasteland mission:
• Players creating their own tasks in which they can succeed with completing as they see fit.