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Insta die!
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I was standing with friends inside a building, and suddenly i was dead, no sound, no sickness, no wounds. My body dissapear in that right moment.
Just like that. {F29009}


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Happens to me frequently. It's quite frustrating.

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Happend again today, i was jsut exploring the very NE and i die..

Happened to my friend in military base to the sw. Second floor of hospital just died. Body was found outside by a tree and while he was waiting for us to try a defib his body just sank in to the ground. He still was at the I am dead screen.

Experienced two times. Both was on the second floor? once inside the building, and second one outside, on the scaffold. And the same story - no sound, no any visible reason.
May this bug caused by the gravity and the surface height difference issue ?

@Darkest Psycho : It may be, the first time this happened to me was also in one of the airports in second floor of the military building that is NOT the control tower. Second time was at the very top of a mountain but there was no chance of falling.
Also the first time my friend was right next to me and he said he saw me like going through the wall and dissapear, it migh be lag or the reason of the death.

Remember to vote up so devs are noticed of this.

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This happened to me at the Northern air base. I was completely healthy with full food and water. Suddenly my character groaned and then died a second later.

I was also on the second floor, as others above have noted, of the compound with the Jail inside.

Two insta-deaths at the fire station in Chernogorsk. Exact same location (uploaded image).

My friend died there out of nowhere (pictured), I come along to inspect a few minutes after. (suspected player-kill, area was empty, his loot was all intact too). I walk up the steps past his body, had barely reached the top and then I encounter the same mysterious fate.

TITAN added a comment.Dec 26 2013, 7:57 AM

Insta death on 2nd floor of a restaurant style house in Zelonogorsk. I may stop going into 2nd floors. :>

Hello Loobiz,

Thank you for sending us your feedback regarding this issue. Unfortunately, this problem is a known issue that has previously been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #5169.