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M4A1 aim down on sight with T3N RD Optics gets a black screen while on prone and while walking crouched
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So basically, if you prone and try to aim you'll get a black screen.
And if you you crouch and start walking, the camera will go inside the characters body.
I think the bagpacks are causing it.


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Steps To Reproduce

Step 1. Get M4A1
Step 2. Get T3N RD Optics.
Step 3. Get a backpack(cause that might be it)
Step 4. Prone and try to aim on the sight.
Step 5. Profit $$
Step 6. Crouch and walk while aiming.
Step 7. Profit $$

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I have not had this issue. Are you aiming down the sight with right-click or with numpad 0?

I have noticed that right-clicking with a weapon at the low ready will raise the weapon and aim down the sight, while pressing Numpad 0 with the weapon at the low ready WILL NOT raise the weapon up, and instead has the character look down through their own body.

Was about to report it, i will send a screenshot.

It's with Right click

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It's a clipping issue in first person, if you crouch and strafe you see gear clipping in front of your sight, making it worse, this clipping can also in some cases stop bullets.
It gets worse if you increase your FOV and when it's all black you are probably seeing the inside of the model.

Should add this seems to affect most things but are more noticeable with certain attachments and certain gear, hunters backpack for ex. seems more problematic than the normal hiking ones.