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7.62mm Cardboard Ammo box is really 5.56mm
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Went to reload Mosin with what was described as 7.62mm ammo and got the message cannot load (or something like that. Inspected the cardboard ammo box from inventory and 5.56mm was printed on the box. Dropped that box and repeated the steps, chamber (incompatable) then inventory inspect and got the same result.


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Just inspect numerous Cardboard boxes of 7.62mm ammo. Have not found one that was correctly 7.62mm

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Did you "empty" the box ? You need to empty the cardboard box and load the actual bullets themselves, which will show up in your inventory when they are emptied from the box.

As Roadlesstraveled said, you have to remove the ammo from the box, you can't stuff a box of ammo in the chamber.

I did right click the box but i dont remember ever getting the prompt to remove from box, will check again this morning and update findings.

ok, checked this morning and now the "empty" command was showing up, wasnt showing the other day. Although the box still reads 5.56 on the 7.62 box ;)