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Falling from Ladder in Vybor
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So i climbed the "not enterable" Industrial Hall south east of Vybor and as i was on my way back, i used the ladder, on which i climbed up, again but only this time i lagged/glitched to the ground as if i was falling / jumping from the building. Then i hitted the ground, but suddenly i was on top of the ladder again, as if nothing had happened. 1 sec later -> "You are Dead".

First ladder where this Bug occured. And won't reproduce it ;)


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Same bug has happened to me as well on the Fire Station in Cherno and Elektro. If you Crouch then get near the ladder to receive the option to "Climb Down Ladder" then hit "F" key your character will run and jump off the roof hit the bottom then port back up to the top of the ladder in the climbing down animation like nothing happened, then 1sec later you get a black screen saying "You are Dead" this has happened twice to me already very annoying indeed.

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This just happened to me on the roof of the NorthEast Airfield, fully effin' geared.. =(

Ok now strange things are happening. I started a new toon after my "falling experience" and got almost everything again. Played for couple of hours and logged off. Then when i started again tonight i suddenly got the recent "fallen" char (with all the gear except the weapon)?!

But my main hand weapon was the same, only that the 2x30 shot cmag was missing. Altough attachments were still in place (bipod and suppressor).

Was there a reroll?

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