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Blood test never appear
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I've been playing DayZ a lot and i am, lets say the doctor of my team, we are like 8, i saw a lot of streams also. With all those hours of gameplay i just saw the blood test twice, at a rocket's stream before open alpha and a very lucky friend. Never more.
This is kinda wierd after all at DayZ you die a lot and your blood type change every time, it would be nice if this item have a bigger chance of loot. I mean the difficulty of getting a blood tranfusion should be in finding blood not in finding wich type of blood you are!


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maybe players should spawn with some 'knowledge' of themselves. Would be cool to see in inventory screen blood type unknown or blood type A+. Doing a blood test you learn your blood type, but surly some players learned it from a doctor before the Apocalypse started! They should be needed for some players, especially when taking blood by force.. not all!

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Blood tests aren't that rare, but they are small and can be hard to see, I've found a fair amount of them.

Blood transfusions are pretty much useless anyways seeing how common the saline bags are.

Its an alpha, nothing is "useless". Not balanced maybe. I found like 3 blood tests by now, they arent that common, but in the end, you can still use your own blood for transfusion.