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Quick prone does not activate while sprinting.
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If your person is sprinting and you tap the default button to prone,z, the person will actually stop and go through the animation of prone as if standing. I tried quick prone while jogging, holding down the w key, and tapped z and noticed that you can quick prone. Again this is not the case while full on sprinting.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Double tap w to sprint.
  2. Tap z to activate the prone position.
  3. Character will stop and go through the prone animation.

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I just discovered this is not probably a bug.
If you go to key bindins there is a

  1. Prone (Z)
  2. Go Prone

second works OK

i too have experienced this issue while trying to sprint to low wall for cover and go prone while still sprinting and could not prone until i stopped sprinting