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Firing while prone bug.
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Sometimes when you fire your weapon while prone, the round will impact right in front of your face like shooting at a wall point blank. Doesn't matter if you're prone uphill, downhill or flat. Its almost like your barrel is under the ground when you fire, but its not visible in first person. But my barrel wasn't underground in TP either.

This doesn't happen all the time, but an example is the hill called "Veresnik", it happens frequently there.


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Get an M4 or Mosin, go prone, Aim Down Sight and Fire. Not at the ground, but a target well above, like a zombie or side of a building.

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Same here. Firing on the side of a hill hit the ground more times than not. Barrel looked to be a foot off the ground.

Had this happen before.. I was laying prone on a "downslope", over looking a town.. Attempted to snipe off zombies with an M4, and kept having the rounds impact the ground right infront of me. Attempting to switch my zeroing between 100->600, all results were the same.