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Zombies, light, sound, roof/ladder falling, etc...
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Zombies running through the walls, objects inside buildings, stairs.

Light from flashlights shines through the walls of the buildings and is visible from outside (and no, not through the windows, but solid walls).

Sound of consuming food and drinks is super loud allowing other people to hear it from long distance - up to 50 meters (estimate based on the distances from building to building).

Sounds of forest and ocean are way too loud and make it almost impossible to hear anything else while in the area.

Climbing ladders/stairs only to randomly fall off.


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One or two issues per report pal :)
+ I can agree about few first lines, but I'll say "nope" to your sound problems, change some audio settings, it's at your end, cause I really have no big issues, I can still hear even my footsteps while being near sea/ocean.

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@ smaddeus

  • Effect, music, master volume - will change all sounds for me. In effect if I want to reduce sounds of ocean or trees - i will also reduce sounds of footsteps, gun shots, voicec (coughing, breathing). Can you share your Audio settings that allow you to hear your footsteps while at the shore?
Sorry that it got that small, still understandable. Any other sounds are normal ?

I believe he is referring to other player's footsteps not your own.

@contemplativity - Where is sense in that ?
Cause I can't hear other player footsteps at all, only about 5m away from me, sooo basically he is talking about own footsteps...I'm pretty sure about that, cause it makes all the sense.

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Please report only one bug per issue and be sure to search first.