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Combat Logging and Server Jumping Suggestion
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Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I figured this is an issue with the game.

Combat Logging and Server Jumping where people stock up on mass amounts of gear from multiple empty servers, and use multiple servers to get the jump on people they are fighting with, is a major issue with the game currently, One idea I feel would work very well is to make it a One Character per server rule.

Basically your Character is locked to the server you made it on, there for it can Not be taken to another server.

It will stop people from combat logging, moving around on another server then logging in behind you or in a better position to you and killing you unfairly.

Also it will combat the whole jumping between servers to stock up on ammo, weapons etc which, Trivializes the survival aspect of the game.

I don't see this being a problem to implement considering this is supposed to use MMO like architecture, and all MMO's already have this in place as standard practise.

I feel this will also encourage people to stick to one or two servers, which in turn will create communities, rival groups, gangs and great encounters.

Cheers for reading


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Private hive is what you speak of... already implemented.

Nice try but NO. A private Hive is not what I am talking about, I am talking about ALL servers not just a select few that are not connected to the main hive. Your answer doesn't fix the issue we are having with the standalone.

private hive solves that problem, what exactly would be the problem with private hives doing that?

Redtama added a subscriber: Redtama.May 8 2016, 3:10 PM

They can't even think of implementing something as extreme as this whilst servers are not that stable. Also it could mean storing like 50 characters per player which is ridiculous. If I want to play on my character that has gear and the server it was on is down, then what? I have to start fresh. The best way of solving combat logging and server swapping is with timers. If you swap servers more than once, u will have to wait 2 minutes to swap again, then 5 then 10, 20, 1 hour. But even that is not great because atm I swap servers often because they drop down or they fill up and theres no space for my friend or something.

Current hive and global character or one character per server. Second option requires much more storage whether or not it is distributed of centralised.

Private hives will have this functionality.

As to the original problem (Combat Logging, Ghosting and Server Jumping), that's the lowest common denominator of player behaviour and has plagued similar games since forever. That's what we get for the freedom to do almost anything in-game.

LanceUppercut, Private hives are not the answer because I don't believe that is what Dean is aiming for, I don't even believe the Standalone has private hives at the moment (I could be wrong here).

Redtama, I totally agree with the timed logging, and it would be easy fixed with a simple 30 to 40 second log out timer no matter how you log out (even ALT F4). But Dean has already said that he hasn't put that in due to a fear it would cause to much extra strain on the Hive.

My Suggestion could be kept on the servers themselves, no need for the info to be stored on the Hive (Once again I could be wrong, Hence why it was a Suggestion not a demand)

DJPorterNZ, Lowest common denominator?? maybe I must be surrounded by the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATORS, because it's all I've experienced constantly. And once again Private Hives is not what Dean wanted to go direction wise, it is why he went for a MMO type structure to his Server Hive Setup.

Kilo_UK added a subscriber: Kilo_UK.May 8 2016, 3:10 PM

You cant lock people to the first server they join, what if they want to play with friends. Also private hives is a bad idea and the reason dayz mod is unplayable due to epic server admin abuse and hackers. However if the location of your character was to be saved server side this would solve the HUGE amount of people server hopping to collect gear or to spawn behind you to wipe out your squad

Kilo UK, your post doesn't make any sense, first you miss the point of my post and disagree with me, then you suggest exactly what I was suggesting. I never said you couldn't play on another server, my point was that Character information would be saved server side (Character locked to the server) to stop Server hopping for gear, spawn movement etc. It will mean you have to make a new character if you play on another server, which to be honest is not a bad thing, it's not like you survive forever in this game so it's no big deal to start again if you want to move servers (and I am sure people will end up having several favorite servers they will frequent). Just FYI Private Hives also work like this, but as you and I have both stated, that is Not Deans intention for the standalone, and have a myriad of their own issues.

Sepika added a subscriber: Sepika.May 8 2016, 3:10 PM

Private hive is not a decision! Their main problems are: hackers and immortal admins, who do whatever they want for themselves or their clan (had too much of that in DayZ Mod).
Also I couldn't agree to main suggestion about locking to one server for always - that's too much - server crushes, overload, etc.
The timing for server change I think the only way to prevent all this issues. First of all - 20-30 sec for log out, and "combat status" just as in Mod was.
Secondly, I suugest involving the system, that would lock the server to you for 24 hours, as soon as you spent 2-3 minutes on the server.
In that case we need a script that will unlock server from you if the main hive doesn't get any response from your server for about 10 minutes or so (in order it is crushed). Realy-realy lookng forward to see something like that...


"Server Management Options

Target Delivery: Ongoing

Additional options for those hosting servers will be rolled out as soon as we can. We want to encourage a "hardcore" mode that will operate on a separate database, featuring things like first person only, no hide body, etc... In addition, we also want to provide passworded servers that will operate on their own shard of the database. This shard could be grouped, so that a group of passworded servers could operate on their own database. Eventually, we would like to see these different communities on their own db running their own variations of DayZ to meet specific communities needs."

For all intents and purposes this IS a private server on a separate hive.

@KnightOps You were very vague on what information would actually be saved server side, I am not the only one here that thought you were suggesting revolting back to private hives. You were right with one thing thought, this isnt a suggestions forum and this post does not belong here

I wish you see "server full" everytime you log in :D

Kilo UK, well sorry for giving you the wrong impression, but I never mentioned private hives, everyone else did, as I see it, this is a problem with the game so I put the info here, if it is wrong I am sure whoever looks after this place will sweep it away.

I still believe something is needed to stop Server swapping, it is much more prevalent than people here think it is, I was doing it last night to show some friends what I was talking about and over 20 very low to empty servers pretty much had people jumping in and out constantly just at balota alone.

(Yes I was being a bad player, I don't normally do it, but I pretty much proved my point, geared in less than 20 min)

Private hives DJPorterNZ is not what Dean was talking about in that post, you pretty much proved that with what you copy pasted, it's a separate database, so still a hive for all those servers on it, not a Private hive Per server. There is a difference.

Currently this is how it works:

  • You find a safe place (a fallacy, there are no safe places in dayz)
  • You assess the surroundings and determine you would most likely stay alive for the next 30secs
  • you press escape and choose exit
  • you are now looking at the main menu.
  • your character is still in game sitting down for the next 30secs.

Sure it might stop combat logging, but essentially it's a mechanic designed to provide free loot and kills for griefers. Dean Hall vaguely suggested that it was designed to prevent server hopping and ghosting. But I can't see how it does.

The way it should happen

Prevent Server Hopping & Prevent Ghosting

  • Switching server(or server group) within X hours of joining current server(or server group) results in you being moved to a random location that is neither near other players or high value loot locations.

The benefits of this are:

  • Loot Hoppers will be facing a far amount of time running to new high value loot locations each time they change
  • Ghosters will find that they are now facing a long trek to attempt their "flanking" manuvure.

The downsides are :

  • Players performing a legitimate server change will find themselves in new locations.
    • However if these server changes are happening after an hour or so then we should probably leave them in the same location.

Prevent Combat Logging

  • You find a safe place (a fallacy, there are no safe places in dayz)
    • ensure you are not in a status of combat.
    • You assess the surroundings and determine you would most likely stay alive for the next 30secs
  • You press escape and choose exit
  • Your character is sitting down for the next 30secs watching a timer.
    • At this point you are only able to stand back up or move your head.
    • Head movement will not cancel the logout timer process.
    • Standing or clicking the cancel button will cancel the logout process.
  • Someone finds you before the timer ends? move and defend yourself. simple. logout prevented.
    • You will then be in combat for the next 60secs.

People claim my idea allows for abuse, but I can't see how.

The common counter argument is:

  • Sit in a building, with only a door way view to your sitting location
  • Initiate the logout timer
  • Wait for someone to come:
    • If no one arrives:
      • let logout timer get to 29secs, cancel the timer.
    • If someone comes, (now here is their crazy logic):
      • Stand-up and defend yourself. (wow, aborted, much combat log, wut?)

There is a group of people that hate the idea that someone logging out can cancel the logout and defend themselves.
The only reason I can think of that someone wouldn't like that is because it means can't catch people in the process of logging out undefended.

This is not a bug. For suggestions, ideas and general discussions, please post in the forums:

Also, before suggesting new features there, please read this:

Thank you.