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High upstream causing big lags.
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When I am playing DayZ i can see in the FritzBox window that the upstream goes very high. Because of this issue I have sometimes very big lags of 2 or more minutes.

In the first 3 or 4 days I had no problem with this but now I can't play the game because of these lags. {F28987}


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DSL 6000
Picture shows the up- and downstream when I am on a server in DayZ.

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Your upstream is pretty low, but your downloadspeed is insanely high. > 2Mbit/s

Btw. I had the same Problem. I think it's because of some items in your inventory.

You upstream is simply insignificant, try to contact your ISP. 200kb/s is certainly nothing high, I get more when I watch a YouTube video.

I have the same Problem, and the upstream is significant. The pIcture above mentioned is from a Router called Fritz Box. and it shows that the client has a line with a maximum capacity of 2427 kbit/S and an upload of 220 kbt/s . Both, up and download are nearly at his 100 % limit. This causes that you can't see zombies, use items or do any other things in Dayz.
I noticed that it gets worse, the more stuff you carry with you.