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[Request] VAC + FairFight Antihacks
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As you know, there are a lot of websites that offer cheats for Standalone right now.
Ok, we are in Alpha, and VAC is not yet enabled.

In the future the problem if you adopt VAC or PunkBuster is that "hackers" takes a couple of days to avoid the security systems introduced, every time.

But, if in addition to VAC you will implement "FairFlight" it will be awesome.
FairFlight is very, very, very innovative and effective.
"It does not examine the players' devices or perpetually look for the latest hacks. FairFight uses GameBlocks' proprietary GameChanger™ rule engine and database structures to evaluate players' gameplay actions and Make it a FairFight™ for everyone."


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I remember watching a video, guy playing BF4 on a server that had Fairfight enabled. He was on a killstreak because he was camped in a good location. Fairfight ended up killing him.

Seems unfair to be killed by Fairfight just because he was in a good spot.

No idea how Fairfight works but it seems if do some extraordinary gameplay because you were having a good day or just plain lucky. Fairfight punishes you.

What is this? An ad of some sort?

Nope, is not any sort of ad.
Its just experience with other games.

A way to combat those who use hacks (especially the hack of ESP).
But if you have fun allowing others to use hacks, then is fine for me.

I was having a bad time at the moment, sorry for begin rude.

It's a nice idea by the way. Cheers :)

Definately not FairFight or PunkBuster. BattleEye for the win!

I'm sorry, but I haven't spoken to anyone yet who hasn't made bad experiences with BattleEye, especially because of rediculess kicks like "createVehicle Restriction #XX".

I personally hope, they won't continue to use it a single day longer than needed for the Alpha/Beta. It probably was a cheap solution for BI, but I guess the majority of DayZ Mod players wouldn't want BattleEye back, neither do I.


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feature request, not a bug.