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Cannot save default character,
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First time playing the game and attempting to create a character, I create my character and click 'set default' but the character always reverts back to a default black female. Unable to change anything on the character selection and the game loads up with the incorrect character.


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My game won't do anything else.

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This looks like a necro post but I just did a search and found this and am currently experiencing it.

I have not played DayZ in 3 to 4 months.
Logged in tonight and spawn as default female on beach.
I exit and re-jig my character to the one I want, click "SET DEFAULT" and go to a server. I still spawned as the default female.
Exited, restarted game, did the same and still respawning as default female character no matter how I change or try to save my character icon.

I should add that I'm loading on to PUBLIC servers and the game is updated as are all my drivers etc.

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your char have to die before he changes his model.