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Extremely loud and distorted sound/feedback noise
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Randomly the game seems to crash the sound driver and all sounds become extremely loud and distorted. A feedback noise starts, which then gets louder until the point that it can damage speakers/headphones - seems like a full sound card shutdown. Might this be to do with number of audio channels selected? This problem can only be fixed by rebooting/shutting down the system.

Not sure if it's related but there are soundfiles always playing in the background, for example a zombie scream, or a can opening. Sometimes the sounds are looped continuously but do not play in full, e.g. the zombie scream plays repeatedly but only the first half second or so.


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Seems to happen randomly.

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I am using the Soundblaster Z card with latest drivers. This has never happened in any other game so I'm assuming it's the Day Z alpha.

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I returned the sound channels/sources setting to 64 and the issue seems to have gone, as well as the random zombie and can noises, although it may also be the server, as I've noticed this happened more on vilayer servers.

Im using logitech x-530 and Creative Gigaworks T40 and have come across this a few times randomly. Tough the only speakers that seem to suffer are my front speakers. back & subwoofer is fine ( Creative's speakers dont suffer at all). Changing channel/source hasnt changed much for me tough. But then again I rarely hear this. I estimate about once every hour

Not a big issue but a fix is always welcome.

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I can confirm that the settings change did not fix the problem, as it happened again just now. Only thing I've changed since was enabling antialiasing.