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Bodies disappear instantly
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So basically if you kill a zombie, or player, their body disappears almost instantly. This makes it extremely difficult to loot all you can and ruins how bodies can be investigated, like in the mod bodies wont disappear unless buried.

Not sure why they disappear but it seems like it could be a game breaking bug if it continues considering loot from players is very difficult to obtain without getting to even see it all.


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  1. Kill someone
  2. Watch body

(Might not always happen)

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Annoying "bug"

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Its supposed to if its a zombie. as for the player its because at the moment theres a bug were u cant respawn without disconnecting from the server and when you disconnect it thinks your combat logging and makes your body disappear.

Just need to forbid the server to delete bodies of the killed and bleeding profusely players at least within 30 seconds.

This is wrong, The player you shot is highly likely to not be dead, they have passed out and then combat logged, that's why they disapear...

But that should no longer happen, as they will be killed if they leave the server when they're passed out

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Happens to me all the time. I am trying to loot the dead body of a player who i killed in self-defense. And he dissappear while lying dead or unconcious on the ground. VERY ANNOYING ( If player is dead or unconcious his body should remain on the ground until server restarts not when he decides to log off! )

This issues should be fixed with higher priority ,because its pretty upsetting.