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Zombies several meters away being able to hit players climbing a ladder
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While climbing the Bell/Church/Clock building in the heart of Cherno, I was seen by a female zombie and she came over to attack me. Even though I was several feet up off of the ground, at least my own height, the zombie was able to swing and hit me multiple times as I made my frantic climb up to safety and a bandage.

Zombie hit range needs to be reduced drastically. Zombies aren't intelligent, quick witted, they can't predict where their prey's movements will go, they're here to feed. Players on the other hand, can bob and weave (while standing still), to avoid zombie's limbs, mouths, etc. Players should have a natural avoidance chance for avoiding a zombie attack, which should be amplified if the player is on the move. A zombie should only have a completely reliable chance of attacking a player who has broken legs or is otherwise immobilized.

If a player is climbing a ladder, the zombie shouldn't have a chance of attacking the player, unless that player literally got on the ladder and just sat there. If a player is higher than the zombie's height, arms extended above the head, they should be completely safe.


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  1. Attract a zombie
  2. Climb the climbable drainage on the clock/church building in Cherno, the one by the main Hotel with the zombie nearby.

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0002110: Zombie can hit players on top of ladder

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