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runing -> changing weapon
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U said u resolved problem with it, well u didn't :P if u run with SPACE on ( I mean with combat on) u stil can't switch weapon while running.


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update: also when changing any item to fnx45 in any stance, u stop

Sidu added a comment.Dec 26 2013, 10:16 AM

yea, it's only for pistol :D make one with combat on ^^

I believe having the player stop when their weapon is raised is an intentional mechanic.

Sidu added a comment.Dec 26 2013, 1:44 PM

well but this serves no purpose

Yes it does. This is intended. You are not able to switch weapons while having them in the "Ready" stance.

Sidu added a comment.Jan 2 2014, 11:25 AM

update: same problem with changing weapon to magnum

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It´s still completely the same problem like before. Even if my weapon is not raised my character stops to switch weapons, only if I sprint it works "most" of the time.

Sidu added a comment.Jan 3 2014, 1:12 AM

yea... and when ppl report it they close a topic... I'm still don't know why the ydidn't closed that one :D