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Not being able to run or crouch run up hills, forced walking down stairs.
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Okay I understand Take on Helicopters was an "upgraded ArmA 2" engine, but FFS. I can go outside right now, and run up a hill. I can get some speed going, and sprint my way up a hill.

Why, for the love of god, are we still slowly walking, crouch crawling, and side-strafing our way up hills? This needs to be fixed and it needs to be banished to the depths of hell that it came from. This is just as bad as jogging and then suddenly slowly walking down steps, not very realistic and certainly going to get you killed at some point.

I think most people can handle two steps at a time, up or down, if people want to roleplay and walk down steps let them; everyone else who is actually trying to survive and not play dress-up with zombies will thank you for it.


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