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Third Person Crosshair is not where it should be
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I understand that, with melee weapons, the guns in third person view share the same single dot targeting reticle. However, at least with Arma 2 there was more to the third person targeting reticle, and at least for myself, I got used to shooting in third person decently well.

However, we're on a new game, we don't need to leave in lazy mistakes and poor design that's been here since base ArmA 2, and as far as I know still exists in ArmA 3. Just like not being able to actually run up a hill, or briskly crouch walk up a hill; this is something that needs to be fixed. If the third person target reticle needs to be off-set and isn't in the middle of the screen, so be it. Having a completely inaccurate dot, in relation to your iron sights or scope attachment, on your screen while trying to use a gun in third person is useless.


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I think that's the point? I'm fairly sure Rocket mentioned in one of the streams that aiming in 3rd person should be wildly inaccurate and ineffective to help prevent the type of 3rd person abuses that are rampant in the mod.