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Cars and Vehicles | very important
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Cars will be added when the game?
It does not mean the absence of these games, is getting very unappealing.
It's just not for me, of course. When they added?

And, realism is very important, especially for dayz. Anyone playing this game for realism. What if there is a realistic, whatever comes to your mind, do it all. this game is supposed to be extraordinarily realistic.

You must bring the sleep feature, for example, feature frostbite fainting from the heat, they are very, very important.

After these close combat with zombies and zombie focus on my skin. That's because the event is really bad in close combat.
I think he should make them fast speed, at first you should bring the car, the most important one. There are people in the marine part of the map. If cars were spread on the map. Nobody can not loot.
Thank You. {F28964}


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This is not a bug!

This is a useless post

Its alpha if you wanted a completed game you should of waited. i hope they dont add new things like this until the current bugs are fixed.

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oh god... I can answer for just 1 thing. Vehicles will be added veeeeeery late in a game phase.

Well next time try it in the forums and don't forget to use the search function :)

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You are using the wrong place for such kind of comments. Thumbs down.

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Not really a bug report...

Vehicles will be added eventually