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Gathering of bugs
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Hello! I've tested Dayz for a week now and would like to report my findings. This is gonna be a gathering of the bugs i've found. ( Some might be reported by others )

  1. Zombies jumping in houses throug walls and closed doors, espesially around stores.
  2. Zombies getting stuck in the floors again inside stores.
  1. Zombie sounds when there are no zombies around ( Freaks me out =P )
  1. On top of the smallest apartment building, when i take the ladder up to the top the char wont stand on the roof, i just fall down. The only way i can sucsessfully climb up the ladder is if i press V 5-7 times so the char start jumping and glitching up.
  1. Getting hungry and thirsty 10 seconds after full drink of purified water.
  1. When falling down small hights and taking no damage char is still making the wounded noise ( No wounded indication in inventory , and still beeing able to run )
  1. When putting a shirt down on the ground from my inventory it laggs and takes about 30 seconds befor it is visible in "vicinity" tab in inventory.

That's what i got atm, loving the standalone and looking forward to new elements beeing put in!



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You should submit one report per bug instead of a list

Duplicate reports, and make single reports instead of a list...

also 5. is a feature and isn't a bug. (If you say it is, Needs more info)

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This is all known or, as ghostsniper said, intended.
Use Search function.