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Having the tactical vest makes prone aim-down-sight bug out
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Having the tactical vest equipped (the one with the bugged model that stands upright when placed on the floor) makes it so that when you go prone and use aim-down-sights you screen turns completely or partially black. This effect is magnified if you are pointing down a hill to the point where the entire screen is occluded. This was tested with the T3N RDS on an M4.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get a tactical vest with the bugged "on the ground" model.
  2. Get on a hill and position yourself so that you are facing downhill.
  3. Go Prone and go into aim down sights.
  4. Go blind.
  5. Panic.
Additional Information

Using a GeForce 560 Ti, had a friend confirm he was getting the same issue, sadly he has the EXACT same video card by pure chance.

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was it during nighttime when you got this? if so I might have gotten this during daytime with the colors of my surroundings on my screen look like a giant blur that goes in one direction. opening the inventory with tab fixes this for me. hitting the video button in the settings (if you can see it) might fix it as well.

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No this is unrelated to the blurring bug, which is actually another one of my bug reports ( ). It has happened both day and night, the screen simply goes black like someone just put a burlap sack over your head. The effects and the conditions of occurrence are completely different, and the video bug/trick have no effect.

Tested this at various hills near NWAF, Balota, Zelen, and Cherno.

It's a clipping issue with the vest model. I have tested this by going prone in a spot then ADS, then removing the vest and going ADS again. For some reason if you are aiming downhill it makes you go blind, swapping to crouch, getting out of ADS, or removing the vest all stop this from happening. Note that by aiming downhill I mean that your BODY is angled downhill. The steeper the angle the more you screen becomes occluded.

I removed every piece of gear except the tactical vest and still got this issue. I removed only the tactical vest and the issue disappeared.

i had something similar on my laptop. Geforce 315 in it. Its pretty much happened as described above. Same Vest, M4, laserscope, tried to aim while lying flat on the ground