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Ability to retrieve table cloths and make bandages
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So I was looking for some nice loot today and got in a little tussel with this chick with blood all over her face. She kept screeching at me horribly I think she was on drugs or something, her eyes were all bloodshot. Anyway I beat the livin piss out of her but she got me pretty good and I was bleeding heavily from my abdomin. I Retreated into a nearby house where I found a table covered in a table cloth and I thought to myself.. wow.. would be nice to be able to stop myself from bleeding to death using that table cloth...
Of course I could maybe also have used pillow cases.. bed sheets.. duvet covers.. etc. etc. etc.

TLDR: Open every door! Utilize every item! Need a weapon? Grab some glass from that broken window, slap a chair off the ground and walk away with the leg!


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Find a house with a table + table cloth and wish it was helpful

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I fuckin love cheese

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this is not a bug this is a suggestion it belongs on the forum not here

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still, must be the most amusing report. especially the additional information.

Hey that's vital information, put cheese in the game. No more tinned tuna that clearly has a tab for opening but which I need a tin opener to open...

This is not a bug. For suggestions and ideas, please post in the forums:

Thank you.