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Map Fragments Not Combinable
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Not sure if this is intentional or not, but I recall Rocket mentioning Combinable maps, which is impossible. {F28926}


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Which fragments are you trying to combine? At the moment only certain combinations work.

Not sure. One was south east and the other was adjacent.

Same problem here.

Confirmed by a friend who had all the pieces

I had east, north east and north and could not combine them either.

in short: diagonal combinations don't work.

R834 added a comment.Jan 14 2014, 8:50 PM

These are all the current possible map combinations:
South West + North West = West
South East + North East = East
South West + South East = South
North West + North East = North
North + South = Full
West + East = Full

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there are multiple map types, the combinations for the ones i know of are

north + south = complete map
east + west = complete map
south east + south west + north east + north west = complete map

for the 4 part map, i have only combined south east + south west, so this may actually be two separate maps, a south map and a north map

Not an issue. I have crafted three complete maps now using pairs of west and east, and a pair of north and south map sections. See screenshot that I attached to this ticket yesterday before I actually created a feedback account.