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The apartment's ladders make you fall to your death.
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The apartment's ladders in Chernogorsk beside the hospital make you fall to your death. When climbing the stairs up to the top you find a ladder to get access to the roof. If you climb up the ladder you have a rough 60% chance to fall back down and die from the fall. I have also had this issue with the apartments in Chapaevsk. It has just been with the small apartments so far.


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Just climb the ladder at the top of the small apartments to reproduce. I have tried this three times and i died two out of three times.

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With the current comments people have put in it seems most ladders do this. I can confirm the ladders on firehouses fling you off them as well. Will add additional information for ladder issues when more become known.

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I just had this happen to me on a Ladder in a small military base with a large smokestack in the middle. It was the ladder up the smoke stack. I climbed it once without issue but dropped halfway through climbing the second time.
-edit- I definitely had my gun drawn when I fell I am not sure if I had it drawn the first time I climbed the ladder and did not fall.

seams to happen on every ladder. I just got that issue if i wanted to go down with my weapon drawn

Killed my character that I had gotten to healthy status and COMPLETELY geared. Really annoying. Should be a high priority bug.
Edit. I think having a gun draw may be what causes the issue.

Had this issue on the NWAF fire station, so did a squaddie. Climbed up fine, went to climb down, was flung away from the ladder and died.

I confirm this had the same thing happen to me but only broke my leg.

Duplicate of #1425 (Fall off ladders in top floor of 8 story buildings).

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