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Unable to fill two canteens if both in Inventory.
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If you have two canteens in your inventory you cannot fill both. I have not tested this with water bottles (Will submit separate bug if this is also the case with water bottles). If you possess two canteens, you can only fill one. First I attempted to fill them using only one slot on the tool-belt, that did not work. Then I put the two canteens on separate slots on the tool-belt which also did not work. Even with one canteen in slot 1 and one canteen in slot 2, if I fill either of the canteens, it will only fill/cause damage to one of the canteens.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Possess two empty canteens
  2. Add one canteen to the first too-belt slot

2.5. Add one canteen to the second tool-belt slot.

  1. Switch to canteen "1" and fill it at the nearest water fountian.
  2. Switch to canteen "2" and fill it at said water fountian.
  3. Watch as canteen "1" takes damage, although you said to fill canteen "2"
Additional Information

The superior canteen in the tool-belt will be filled/damaged at a water pump. IE: Full canteen in slot 1 will be filled even if empty canteen in slot 2 is selected. Therefore, filling the canteen in slot 1, and then swapping the empty canteen from slot 2 to slot 1 will allow you to fill the empty canteen.

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Duplicate of #717

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same issue only with water bottles.

Dragging both to the action bar, try to select each individually but only one bottle is being selected/filled

take first water bottle into hands, fill it
take first water bottle OUT of hands
take second water bottle into hands (drag onto "hands")
check that the bottle in your hands is not the full one (if it is you did something wrong)
fill second water bottle

It appears that it actually only recognizes the "first" water bottle or canteen in your inventory (where "first" is the water bottle the furthest left in the highest container in your inventory).

Example: If you have a water bottle in your jeans and a water bottle in your backpack, you can only fill the water bottle in your jeans (because it is in a container 'above' the other one).

Example 2: If you have two water bottles in your jeans, you can only fill the left-most water bottle (because it is to the left of the other one).

My solution has been to fill the "first" bottle as normal, then move it such that it is secondary to the other bottle. For instance, I'll fill the bottle then move it to my backpack while I fill the one in my jeans. I have to do this several times if I have 3-4 water bottles or canteens.

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Oops on the duplicate issue. Yeah, tom, I'll update with that because I confirmed it personally. it's all about superiority on the tool-belt.

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