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Yesterday I continued playing with my character from place where I left off, and I couldn't find any normal food nor open a can with + I couldn't find any drink while I went deeper in map, so I got sick in time with no food nor drink, it turned later in orange or darker orange condition, nothing in Medic Pack that could help me (I finally found useful things, but it turned out to be useless to me and I had no place to place it in, so I had to leave that pack and go on forward while being sick).

I had no idea what so ever how to fix my sickness. When I finally found fresh food and food in cans that I could open without help of special can opener, and I ate a bit even after I wasn't hungry and drank a lot even if I wasn't thirsty, but my sickness didn't changed it's sign color and in time screen went into grey color like I was wounded or something, but I kept going for some time, I don't when when I'll die from sickness, kinda still alive searching for helping tools. It would be good to have some instructions for survivals, like, what to do when you feel sick, what to search precisely, you know...such practical basic stuff.


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Don't eat nor drink anything for quite some time.
Just don't eat nor drink for extremely long time, till he starts whining about how extremely hungry he is, that his stomach is growling(I think he said something like that), he really wants to drink, just wait till such level when hunger is red, thirst is dark orange, then he'll mention that he feels sick and sign in inventory near your character will pop in yellow and in time will get darker orange.

Fact is...don't eat nor drink anything for very long time.

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I ate some rotten fruit some time ago, maybe it's a big possibility from rotten food that I only found which didn't helped my hunger, it poisoned me, which makes sense, but there is no way that I know how to help myself.

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K, seems I understand how it works. Sickness will fade away after you are healthy so to say, and if you have backup food and drink just in case (not rotten), only thing that's left is colorblindness, need to reproduce blood which doesn't make any sense, cause I haven't lost any, just got sick.

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This is not a bug, sickness can be caused by a variety of different factors. Most commonly, antibiotics and injection vials from what I have found seem to cure it (However it will not be cured instantly) I suggest maintaining a high level of food, water and possibly take some vitamins if you find any.

As I mentioned already, it kinda vanished, at least the indicator and my character isn't saying anything either, only problem is colorblindness that I can't figure out how to fix, many people say about colorblind issue that you should eat many cans of food and in 45 min color should be back, or so they say, but I still have colorblindness, yet I'm still alive, I have even streamed today's gameplay on twitch, all gameplay is in black and white, or grey, but still playable.
I wish I could find some antibiotics or something, haven't found any yet, all places are deserted, nothing to find except in deeper regions, which still are low on items, but at least something I can find and use, cause nobody spawns in deeper regions except for experienced players that finished there and continued their gameplay.

I have colorblind issues too but i wasn't ever sick or something and although i drink and eat very much, i don't seem to be able to regenerate to the point i can see colors again...

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@Subject42: You have to eat or drink until you receive a message like "My stomach feels full". Not more!
If you do eat and drink enough your health will _slowly_ become better. It just takes some time until you're healthy.

See the wiki for more details. Not a bug, eating rotten fruit can make you sick.

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@warren Peace - who said it's a bug ? I never said nor my thoughts were that this is a bug. Problem here was that I did not know how to stop my sickness which resulted color loss. I mentioned that in "additional notes". Please read everything before assuming something and having wrong thoughts.

@smaddeus. This is where you're supposed to report bugs, not report the fact that you didn't know how to cure sickness, that's what the forums are for.

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It's like in real life. You're hungry, but you manage to eat something rotten. You get sick and you die.
You could have asked someone how to cure it (like other players/human beings or uncle google) but you didn't. That's called natural selection.