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No iron sights on ACOG scope
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It is currently not possible to use the iron sights of a acog scope by pressing the optics toggle key, you only got the scoped view.


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Aim down the sight using a rifle with the acoq scope attached, pressing the optics key: "/" on numpad does not switch to the iron sights on top of the acog scope.

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Made a thread about it on the forums thinking switch sights functionality didn't even exist in DayZ

Switching between the sights is a basic arma2/arma3 feature. But it was not implemented on all scopes in Arma 2, it never worked on the ACOG sight, but as iron sights is included in the scope model in Dayz SA, it should also be available to use.

Very detailed thing, would be awesome, but I think there are some more major issues before hand.