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Quickbar Suggestion: Use scrollwheel to select an item from the quickbar. And the MMB to pull it out.
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The quickbar was a great step to streamline the UI but using it still remains fairly cumbersome in my opinion.

In my experience, while you're with your fingers on the WASD alot of cases it's alot easier to just go to your inventory with the tab-key closeby, and right clicking the item you want to use. This is especially true for items like food. Items you like to keep in slots abit further to the right. Using the number keys beyond the third slot require you to lift one of your hands to away from their spot, which doesn't make for a fluid experience so the quickbar rather misses its purpose.

If we would be able to use the scroll-wheel and the MMB to switch between items on the quickbar it would make the whole process alot easier and faster!

I know this would mean a replacement for the "action menu" needs to be thought out, but there's alot of options. An item-sensitive como-rose is one I can think of...


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first is this really an issue? no it's not so post it in the forum.
second dude u have 1234567890 and the wheel is needed in dayz for other stuff.

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Why would you use the mouse wheel when you can just press 1 - 9? Your suggestion would clutter the action menu and is unnecessary in my eyes.

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The point is to make it quicker and to replace the action menu with something else. - How about you actually read the whole thing.