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Joining any server results in "No Message Received" within 30 seconds of joining
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Alpha was running great until around a day ago. From that point on, I've been unable to play as any server I have attempted to join has resulted in a "No message received" error followed by disconnection.


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1 - Join any Server
2 - Wait up to 30 seconds
3 - Desync icon will appear and No Message Received for X seconds will show up on screen

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Happening to me as well - happens on majority of servers, lags out after 1-2 minutes. ADSL Speed Tests confirm connection is fine

I had a problem joining all servers. I would connect, see who's on, start to load, but time out with a black screen with "Please Wait" and "ready" after several minutes. Tried respawning before exiting, verifying files within Steam, tried changing my name and respawning new character, tried uninstalling and deleting all related files and reinstalling....

In the end, my last resort was to reinstall Steam--and that's what worked. :[

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Same here. Problem started after the new version 43 roll out.

Reinstall does not solve the issue. I cannot play anymore.