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Powdered Milk - Able to eat but nothing more
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I am sure many players already know this issue but since the search for powdered milk gave only 1 useless result I report it anyway.
I am able to eat the powdered milk but can't mix it with water to create milk. Maybe it actually works somehow, but i couldn't find a way.


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I think the satisfaction level of the toon would go way up if you could "cook"/craft a bowl of cereal with milk. But alas.... there is no spoon! (or bowl)

Haven't tried it with a cooking pot yet, I haven't found a portable cooker either

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This won't change anything since the portable cooker does not work as well atm.

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I agree, I have tried dragging a waterbottle onto the powdered milk however it does not work. It would be nice to actually combine the two to make genuine milk which would hopefully not dehydrate you as much. I cannot imagine eating powdered milk by itself in real life.