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Character bodies despawn extremely quickly
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After death a player body will despawn too fast to be able to loot. Whether it be a friend or foe, item recovery is almost impossible especially with glitchy inventory that sometime doesn't respond quickly.


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any time a character is dead on the ground

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I think it has to do with someone logging out/exiting/hitting respawn/alt-f4 very quickly after death. Seems to me that someone logs/quits out right after death, the server doesn't save his body and loot to that position. Server reads and acknowledges he is dead but has yet to save the body. After that it treats it like he normally logged from the server, so poof goes the body. I can't say that is the exact issue. Reason I lean that way is at Balota I engaged in a fire fight, killed one man of a 2 man squad. I also died so I respawned to Balota and my body was still there. I never left the server, so the hive saved my dead character properly. My loot was still there. Just my two cents. Might test later.

Thats a good point fudd, but it's unfortunate that respawn button doesnt always work and keeps you in waiting. Else i do think bodies would likely be staying on the ground after death

I had the same Situation. I had an fight with an other Player but after I killed him I was very carefully because he could have had teammates ... after about 45 sec I want to search him for loot but then the Body dissapeared.

I think dead Players should lay on ther former Position for about at least 5 min, in order to secure an area ... Only my opinion :D