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castle Rog
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The main tower is unenterable unless you vault through the door. Leaving is the same and half the time glitches you. When loot spawns there its floating. {F28853} {F28854}


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Walk up to door and walk through it. leaving vault slightly to early.

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I had the castle at Rog sitting off the ground. When I used V to enter the main tower I ended up walking around with my body half in the floor of the tower. Also I was unable to move up the stairs.
Uploaded a screen grab.

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Haven't had that happen. Tis a buggy area

Just reported same thing, you can fix this by entering tower and changing server or reconnecting, this causes player model to "pop-up" on floor and you can move upstairs. No good loot thou.

Confirmed entry (applies to exiting too). Image shows multiple types of movement to attempt entry.

Devils is the same. No loot though at all.

Confirm issue. I got it too all times

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Duplicate report. Issue should also now be fixed.