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Item quality increases when combining objects.
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I selected "sometimes" as I've only had this happen twice, in two different ways.

  1. Adding a "Pristine" battery, to a "Badly Damaged" T3N RDS Optics scope for the m4, changed its state to "Worn".
  1. Using a "Pristine" IV Starter Kit on a "Badly Damaged" Saline Bag, comes out a "Pristine" usable Saline Drip (or whatever they're called when combined).

I'm not sure if this is a bug, or is intentional, but it clicked with me as something I should mention, just incase it was unintentional. I guess there's some logic behind increasing the quality of an item by combining it with something else, but I don't understand how a battery can fix the glass inside a T3N RDS Optics scope...


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get a good quality battery, and a shitty quality T3N RDS Optics Scope (so that the glass is broken).
  2. Attach the RDS scope to your m4. Look down it and notice broken / cracked glass.
  3. Drag and attach the battery.
  4. Look down the scope again and notice it's no longer broken.
Additional Information

Again, bug or not, I'm not sure. Just thought it would be worth mentioning, just in case it wasn't intentional.

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