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Cannot attach Bayonet or 3.5X scope to M4A1
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First I am not sure if the following are actually meant to fit on the M4A1, but I cannot attach the:

M9A1 Bayonet
3.5x PSU scope (or something like that)
Weapon Flashlight

I have tried attaching the scope with and without the carry handle on the M4A1. Nothing seems to work. Does this scope not fit on the gun?

Is this a known issue?


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pu scope is for the mosin

weapon flashlight can only be attached to the m4a1 if it has the attachment barrel like gunrails for the optics but on the barrel

m9a1 bayonet may not attach if you have to much stuff on the m4a1 i have found or it may fit on the mosin

also damage can stop the attachments fitting

Thank you for explaining this :)