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T3N RDS error when prone due to tactical vest/shirt, may effect other optics
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When you go prone with an T3N RDS mounted on your M4 and you have a tactical vest and/or shirt on you, your camera can glitch out.

this may also effect other optics (didnt try)


  • in "2654-000-equipment" you can see the items in question.
  • "2654-001-with_vest_and_shirt" is with tactical shirt and vest equipted. note: the large upper gray part is the Vest, the small green part in the lower left is the tactical shirt
  • in "2654-002-without_tactical_vest" you can see the effect of the tactical shirt only
  • in "2654-003-without_tactical_shirt" you can see the normal view (as it should be, in my opinion) without the vest or the shirt {F28826} {F28827} {F28828} {F28829} {F28830} {F28831} {F28832}


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Steps To Reproduce

-get an M4
-mount aimpoint
-equip tactical vest and shirt
-pray to cthulhu (optional)
-lay down on the ground
-aim down sight

the camera will "move" into your vest and shirt and you cannot see anything

Additional Information

i tried it multible times, was the same all the time. i also tried it with the backup iron sight (BUIS) and everything was fine.

i tried the aimpoint kneeling down, this works fine as well

seams as if the camera position is somehow wrong with non-iron-sights

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same problem if you are wearing ballistic helmet and going prone

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due to "friendlyfire's" comment i just checked on this again. it has nothing to do with the backpack or the helmet what so ever. the "camera" is actually inside your head.

btw: the FOV-slider do NOT make a difference

I reproduced this same problem with T3N Optic on my M4. It happens whenever you 'aim' while lying prone; doesn't matter whether you are inside or outside, or on 2nd floor/ground floor. Always happens.

Had the mountain backpack, radar cap, gas mask, tactical vest.

*edit* It appears that the tactical vest was the culprit in this case (as another bug report stated). Taking off the tactical vest allowed aiming while prone without obstruction.

!!!!! ===== I updated the ticket due to findings and comments ===== !!!!!