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Blurryness does not subside after being wounded and healed with saline.
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Was shot by another player about 1-2 times at Krasnostav airfield, and after killing him, my friends tried to give me a saline solution twice, and it didn't improve my blurry vision which i got from being hit. I also tried re-logging and eating but no avail.


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Push ESC, go Configure, then Video. Should be Fixed then if you go back into Game.

Watch this video, may be long but explains EVERYTHING about this issues that may be actually considered bugs because of lack of information about the mechanics of the game

noobfun is right. By being shot, you lost health, not just blood. Saline will replenish your blood, not your health. You need to eat/drink until you see white text in your inventory screen (right above where you would see the hungry/thirsty messgae) that says "Healing..." if you are not at full health, or "Healthy" if you are at full health. Also, what Arrrgh suggested currently works, but it is a bug... basically an exploit of the game mechanics. To the best of my knowledge, this system is currently "Working as intended." At least for the most part.

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saline effects blood level not health level

the saline gives you full blood (colour) but doesn't effect health (blurriness)

you arn't eating and drinking enough to gain the healthy tag and regenerate. Simply using the config video trick will make your screen fine but your still desperately screwed from a health position making you an easy kill