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Map Key Binding Doesn't Open Map
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Map key binding isn't opening up the map in your inventory. You can set it to a quick slot box and work it that way, but if there's a map key, you should be able to open it with your map key.


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Steps To Reproduce

1.) Obtain map.
2.) Assign key to open map.
3.) Press assigned key.

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This issue is not isolated. Currently, you can not rebind the mouse buttons to anything else accept what the default says, because they are hard coded. For example, I bind left click to move forward, and right click to fire weapon. First I unbound both buttons, then bound them to the functions I wanted. The problem is once they were 'bound', left click DOES move forward, however it still tries to fire whatever weapon you have readied as well... so with a melee weapon equiped, left click walks forward AND swings the weapon when you hold it down. Right click, which is SUPPOSED to be bound to fire, doesn't do ANYTHING (I bound look down sight to spacebar, and zoom in to the w key). I will link my original report, as it seemed to be the first one reported. The devs have refused to even acknowledge the issue despite MULTIPLE reports of similar issues both here and on the troubleshooting thread in the DayZ forum. [^]

Go ahead and upvote it, as the issue you are describing is the same issue.

you have to put it into the quick bar and open it from there. Not with the M key

If there's a possible map key binding, why does it only open a black "map". I stated in the report that action bar worked, however a map key should work too. Setting the binding works but it doesn't show a map. I don't think it's your issue with hardcoded bindings.