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Game crash with character death inside TEC building (Chernogorsk)
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Running around or inside the TEC building (at least the one in Chernogorsk) makes the game crash. When you restart the game after that, you start with a new character.


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Me and 2 friends (who were searching for my corpse) tried that and the game crashed for everyone, everyone's character died. This probably should be tested further in testing environments to assure 100% reproducability.

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I ran outside on the main road and looked into the main entrance on the tec building (Not the harbor one) and crashed instantly as i looked into it.

I think their might be some item that are linked to the crash.
Maybe the new magnum or something newly added.

3 Different persons with different computers had the same issue.

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Please let us know if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Development build. Thank you.

I will try that asap, hopefully I'll be able to do so tonight.

Another note on that bug: As soon as we switched server the bug did not occur anymore (at least not in that TEC building). Some days (and patches) later, also on another server we re-experienced that bug at a completely different location (somewhere in Kamyshovo). You run around, game hangs ("DayZ has stopped working"), new character on game restart. Which led me to think: Maybe this bug is tied to the spawn of a certain item/entity that the client can't handle for some reason and thus, crashes? Just a personal speculation.