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You fall from ladder while trying to get down
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So bascally i was at nrth airfield, into the aviation traffic control tower, i went on the top of the building and then tried to go down with the same ladder i used to go on top i pressed "f" when the "go down symbol" apeared but my character just ran straight into the ground, falling from 3 roofs losing everything, and i have to go again to the airfield with my feet , real frustrating !


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i dont know, didnt try yet

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Good old killers-ladders from the mod. )

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Also happen to me, Was on a ladder than alt tabed (Game was ruining in fullscreen) and my char fell of the ladder.

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This can also happen when coming down from the tower onto the roof in the fire stations, just happened to me a couple minutes ago.

Happend to me aswell on the cherno hospital at the old apartments.

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This can be easily avoided by not being crouched when you climb down the ladder.

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Please refer to the primary ladder thread at #155