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Randomly respawned at beach, had full gear, was not unconcious when logged out
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I was fully geared with guns/ammo, fired a shot to try out the mosin. Logged out. Logged back in on the beach with nothing???


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This Has happened to myself and my friend as well. We were trying to find a server that was responding decently, He randomly joined a server after leaving another, and when he joined it re-spawned him on the beach. 45 min later i was switching servers and it happened to me. Didn't notice this issue before latest patch.

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I have had this happen 3 times now since DayZ SA launched (not including the wipe Dean did) Please fix this ASAP. It's hard to even want to play Alpha when your character randomly wipes every day.

This has occurred to me ever time I have left and came back into a server today