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Negative mouse acceleration
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When using a constant mouse sensitivity and you move the mouse slowly across a distance of 6 inches the character turns 90 degrees for example. But when you move the mouse quickly across the same distance the character only turns 50 degrees(just for example purposes never actually measured).


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this isn't a bug, it's a feature. watch this video:

If this is a feature then there needs to be a toggle switch to turn it on and off. I find it extremely annoying especially if i need to make quick movements in the middle of a fire fight.

+1 Extremely annoying and hardly a feature. The video explains why it happens, not that it should happen. A person is actually able to turn around way more quickly and the motion shown in the video (that turning on the heels, for a lack of words) looks awkward and unnatural anyway.

Its a bad feature. ruins the feel.

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mouse acceleration was fixed #76