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Ruined Items in Inventory are unremovable.
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Several times I attempted to drop ruined/spoiled items from my inventory and it would not work. Dragging and dropping of items from a piece of gear to "Vicinity" would not work for me with ruined food, especially canned food. My food items were ruined when i was attacked by another player with a Fire Axe. Realizing shortly after that the food was bad, was when I tried to get rid of it.


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Steps To Reproduce

1.Obtain Backpack/clothing item

  1. Obtain canned food
  1. Be attacked with a Fireaxe
  1. Inspect canned food
  1. drop ruined items
Additional Information

The issue was partially fixed by switching servers, it could be the amount of dsync on the server I had the problem on. I'm sure you guys (BIS) are aware of this from different reports, but the entire inventory system as far as it being organized and streamlined to give quick access to your gear needs improvement. I.e. being able to wear a holster with vest, larger inventory window to reduce the amount of scrolling. More in-depth script error reports and such will be coming from me. Thanks.

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I also had this problem; after taking a corpse's bag I couldn't remove ruined items from it.