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zombies glitch through walls
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zombies will appear in floors through walls hide in stairs. they are not subject to the laws of physics...


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When Zombies run into supermarkets/grocery store they glitch into the floor. Their legs are inside the floor, while their upper torso remains above the floor.

Can also recreate this as a player by vaulting into the supermarket. You can then act as the zombies do above, or even go prone to make yourelf invisible underneath the floor. You can still loot items, and pop up out of the floor to shoot/attack.

Real immersion breaker and potential annoyance here.

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This occurs for me as well. Can be reproduced in some cases by kiting a zombie inside a smaller building, be removed as a current target to follow and then walking out of the building. The house in question is single-floor house where you have to walk up a staircase and then enter a door on your right-hand side.

Duplicate of #0000077 (Zeds clipping through objects [PRIMARY REPORT]).

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