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When hurt badly/blurry/black and white, going to the options and hitting video gets rid of it.
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When hurt enough to make the game blurry/black and white, going into your video options will get rid of it for a second, and when you hit escape it's still gone. The blurriness will come back when reconnecting, but the exploit will work indefinitely.


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Works for me every-time I get blurry.

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Happened to my friend as well, although he said the blurriness. would come back periodically.

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I believe its only the blurriness that is removed not the black/white? There is multiple reports of this issue already.

The problem with this is that the method you described is the only way to fix the issue where when you log in, all you see is a blank screen with lines across it.

Coonsaa added a subscriber: Coonsaa.May 8 2016, 2:52 PM

This doesn't get rid of the black and white from loss of blood, only the blurry.