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Pants in Pants in Pants in Pants....
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I keep running into 6 slotted pants. Fill them, then drop that pair of pants in another pair of pants. It takes up four inventory slots for the pants that have 6 full slots in it. You also have two left over slots for even more gear. When this pair is full, find another pair of pants and drop your current ones in it. This is repeatable forever.

Note, you can't actually drop the pants into other pants from the TAB inventory screen, you have to pick them up from the ground and make sure they only fit in your current pants.


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Get 6 slot pants.
Fill pants with gear
Drop pants in another set of pants
fill 2nd set of pants with gear
drop 2nd pair of pants in third pair of pants.
fill third pair of pants with gear

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no mas pantalones

This can be done with four slotted pants, but you don't get extra inventory for doing it. You can also drop the pants into your backpack or vest etc and get two extra inventory slots by filling the pants before you pick them up.

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Ahahaahahaahahah it's funny xD

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pretty sure this was fixed along with backpack in packpack

you can't have clothes with items inside be in a container